A 21-day devotional journey for female entrepreneurs written to increase your walk with God while applying spiritual principles to your life and business. This book is Authored by Arian Simone, entrepreneur, investor, author, philanthropist and PR & marketing specialist.

From Homeless To Hollywood

Imagine that 87% of Americans admitted that they are not happy on their jobs. Yet, they continue to work 40 hours on a job they do not love; all while giving up hope on their dreams. After graduating from college, gainfully employed, Arian never would have imagined that she would lose that job after only one month. In this book, Arian Simone transparently shares her Fabulous & Fearless Journey, her Homeless to Hollywood story as an inspiration for all to continue to pursue their destiny despite obstacles. From living in her car to owning her own company, Arian hopes that by sharing her journey she will inspire, encourage and motivate others to never give up on their future and live fearlessly!