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When I heard that Monyetta Shaw was writing a book, I knew I needed her apart of Fearless Discussions. I felt like everyone needed to hear her story of triumph from a very public break up. So I invited her to the “Loving in Unloving Conditions” discussion. I wanted to create a community of healing for people who have faced moments in their life where it was difficult to love, but found the strength to do it anyway. In this discussion, we covered self-healing and rising above problems in your life for the greater good. Similar to what Monyetta wrote about in her book Bigger than Me. In addition, we had other special guest Edward Long and Latossa Napper alongside co-host James Pulliam, Jenay Sermon, Latia Vaughan and Lorelle Oliveira. This discussion was so needed. Things happen in life and unconditional love doesn’t even seem possible. But once you find your strength and heal from your scars, you realize that unconditional love is possible! Check out the highlights.

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