Upon graduating college, Arian Simone was laid off from her job and went from living in her apartment, to out of her car. She was without a home of her own for almost a year before she was sought out to do public relations and marketing independently. Building a successful PR and Marketing Firm from the ground up, she established great relationships in the entertainment industry with clients such as the Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures and more. She is credited with doing publicity and promotions work on films such as Ride Along, Limitless, Hancock, Takers, and 007: Quantum of Solace just to name a few. She has also serviced clients in the music industry; her client list included Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Ne-Yo, countless others.

I AM a believer in Christ.

I AM here to serve and have a servant’s heart.

I AM an entrepreneur, celebrity publicist, fashion + beauty boutique owner, author, and philanthropist.

I AM encouraging you to be the best and highest version of yourself and believe that you should live a fulfilled life!




How I went from homeless to Hollywood PR

Arian Simone, 35, is the woman who went from being homeless to being one of Hollywood’s best-known publicists – who’s worked on promoting blockbuster movies starring Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper, and Will Smith and rubbed shoulders with everyone from Idris Elba to Whitney Houston. Here are the life hacks that helped her make it big… 

From Homeless To Hollywood: What I Learned On My Fearless Journey

I remember scrolling down the list counting all of the jobs I had applied for that I didn’t get. When I got to number 153, I just froze. I was in total shock at the amount of rejection I had received. There was no need to count anymore. It had become ridiculous. There I was, 23 years old and fresh out of college, sitting on the same floor I slept on the night before, wondering where I went wrong.

Need Inspiration? Media Maven, Arian Simone Relaunches Fearless Magazine

If you’ve been motivated and feeling fearless like me then you are in alignment with all the greatness that this year is offering. Just when we thought things couldn’t get more amazing, the incomparable Arian Simone is set to re-launch the bold and daring Fearless Magazine. The relaunch will occur from November 17 – 19, 2017 during the company’s FEARLESS RELOADED conference (catch a sneak peek here in Atlanta, GA.)

From Homeless to Hollywood: My Journey to Success

After college, I moved to Los Angeles for my first job. After working for just one month, the company was sold and I was laid off. With no source of income, I eventually moved out of my apartment and into my car. I sold my clothes and belongings in exchange for food and gas to put in my car. I never imagined that all this would happen to me! I grew up upper-middle-class, got a college education and did everything “right.” Or at least I thought.