Hi Guys!

I had the pleasure of going to Jamaica to celebrate my girlfriend Keshia’s birthday. What I loved most about my trip was experiencing the pureness of God’s creation.

Jamaica’s nature made me so full. You can wake up in the morning, pick, and eat a delicious mango off the tree. You can grab a coconut off the ground, chop it with a machete and drink the coconut water, a fresh drink that is good for the heart. Even better, the meat in Jamaica hasn’t been processed. The purity of life was even evident in the sky. The night sky was clear and the rainbows were so colorful after the rain.

I absolutely fell in love with witnessing God’s handiwork. On this trip, I saw that His work extended beyond the land, I saw it in the people of Jamaica. Jamaicans are filled with joy and love to dance. They find beauty in imperfections: If someone has an imperfection, it just is, there’s no need to make any surgical alterations to their bodies. They value pure beauty. It’s unfortunate how we as Americans pollute God’s handiwork; from the land to our bodies, His work is perfect in its purest form. Jamaica showed me that.

I love doing activities, while in Jamaica I had the opportunity to go Zip Lining. I am glad everyone in our crew was able to share in the experience. I had the most amazing time: flipping upside down hands free while being at over 700 feet in the air through the jungle. It was so exhilarating.

Upon leaving the zip lining site, we saw our tour guides, one of them named Bones, walking home so we offered them a ride. They were very grateful. God spoke to me and said: “Give Bones the $5 you have in your shirt”

I thought, “God, what is $5 going to do?”

I obediently and quietly slipped it in his hand. He turned and looked at me and with huge gratitude in his eyes said “Thank You.” A minute later, we pulled up to his house where his children were playing outside. It looked like he lived in an underdeveloped and, in American standards, in poverty.

“God, I now understand. Thank you for using me,” I thought to myself.

When God tells you to bless someone, it doesn’t matter how small or large, just do it: One person’s small maybe another person’s big.

I hope everyone is in great spirits….Love you all

Have a fearless day!

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