Hi Guys!

When I wrote out my goals for 2014, one of them was to spend 2 weeks overseas. Well, God clearly had His plans: he did exceedingly and abundantly went above what I could ask or think. In the year 2014, I spent a total of 3 weeks out of the country, visited 5 countries and been to a total of 21 cities, many of the cities I visited multiple times. But, God was not done with his blessings. He gave me a desire of my heart that I had wanted for a long time.

Earlier that year, my Auntie Pat called me with a client referral and the client was K Camp. Although I didn’t know why my spirit said yes and took him on. God knew exactly why I took him on when Shauna, K Camp’s mother, asked if I would go to Dubai for work. I was beyond excited and willing. She did not know that it was a desire of mine but just as God would have it, he ordered my steps to help fulfill one of my greatest desires.

You never know how or who God is going to use to bring your desires to fruition. Here I was, thinking I was just obeying God. If God tells you to do something, say YES and do it, even if you don’t understand why. You never know what assignment He has for you and what blessings he has for you along the way. I do know this though, who you delight yourself in the Lord he gives you the desires of your heart.

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