Hi Guys,

I adore Molly & Cynthia, the owners of Livi Rae. These two women believe that God has placed them here on Earth to give ladies the gift of lift; they truly live out their calling. These women are some of the most loving and down to people I have encountered. I am so blessed to know them and have their support, because I truly support them as well.

When I walked into the Livi Rae I told them “I don’t need to be fitted, that’s a big titty woman’s issue, trust me that is not my issue at all.” They insisted I have the experience. I still was not sold and with conviction I said, “I don’t need to do this, I am a 34B and have been that since high school I really don’t need to get sized, this is not my issue.”

I got fitted anyway and it turns out I am a 30DD.  When they put the bra on me, my posture sat up even straighter than I knew it could. Who even knew the size 30DD even existed????? I have always worn a 34B because that’s what they give a smaller busted woman when she walks into Victoria Secret. Well, I learned the number represents the band width, not the measurement around your bust. Around my bust I am 34 inches but underneath, I am only 28.5 inches. I have a small back, which puts me in the 30 category because I am too large for the 28 category. Who knew 28 was even an option for bra sizes as well???  But guess what?  These are sizes available at Livi Rae. Their sizes range from 28 to 40 and cup sizes from A to N.

Now DD sounds large which is a big ego booster for the women with smaller breasts, like myself….LOL. But, D is actually small. Every band width has a different cup size to fit that bandwidths bust. A 30DD doesn’t look like a 36DD at all. To be truthful, a 30DD at first glance looks just like a 34B.  The back is completely different which offers the support. When I walked into the store, I picked out a bra that I thought would fit me without even looking at the size in my usual fashion. I picked a bra and told the lady this will work thinking, it’s a 34B. Guess what? I was completely wrong….lol, it was a DD.

When you are in the right bra size, it even gives you more confidence. It’s like when you have on your favorite pair of jeans that fit…..you know the ones I’m talking about: the ones that give you that extra….hmmm hmmm step. Yes, those! You have that extra step because you know you are in something that fits.

Once you have been sized properly, and I highly recommend the Livi Rae fitting experience and their bra philosophy, you can now search online for your bras with ease. Online has more access if you fall in the sizes that have less availability in stores.  So, if I google 30DD a range of bras will show up.  To think I didn’t even know that size existed on Earth until I went to Livi Rae!

I am already obsessed with lingerie as I enjoy being sexy and luxurious, it’s just part of who I am. Now that I have right size bra, I feel even hotter! This was truly a life changing experience. Every time my girlfriends come to visit we take a trip to Livi Rae.  

Love Always,

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