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Years ago I used to joke and say if you haven’t been to a Puff Daddy Party, anything else is called a gathering….lol. But now I proudly say if you haven’t been to an event put on by The Vanity Group anything else is called a get together! My friend Karleen, owner of Vanity Group NYC was the event producer for Rick Ross’ fortieth birthday soirée and I was in attendance for the event!

Every element was crafted with elegance and class. From the moment I pulled onto the property, the gates automatically opened and we were greeted by the valet attendants…but the service didn’t stop there. As we entered the home all guest were served champagne, the staff kindly collected your birthday gift and digitally documented what you gave and who it was from, then they graciously took your coat and you were directed to a room for entertainment.

The dining room table was set for a king’s feast! As the night went on new rooms opened up to create new moments! I had fun in the photo booth with Monica, Keri Hilson, and Jocelyn Bowman. I chatted it up with Chaka and Ludacris, some of the most humble people in the business. I mixed and mingled the night away.

The highlight of the night: when the party was coming to a close they had a Waffle House set up in the house with the full menu, staff workers and all! Classic.

When invited to someone’s home it’s always a kind gesture to bring something for the host. As a token of appreciation, I gifted the man of the hour a bottle of wine. Rick Ross’s fortieth birthday soiree was timeless fun. I adored the floral arrangements, they were grand. You all know I live for a great atmosphere and this was a fabulous one. Check out pictures from the event on my Instagram: @ArianSimone

Love Always

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