Hi Guys!

I hope everyone is in excellent spirits!

The summer has heated up and many wonderful things are happening over here!

I recently attended BET Awards weekend to support my girl Monique Rodriguez, she was a presenter & sponsor at the BETHer Awards.

What a full circle moment it was to be back at the actual BET Awards on that Sunday. It was either my 9th or 10th time attending. You all have heard my testimony, the first time I was living out my car and snuck in lol (if you don’t know the story, it’s a good one). The second time and years after that I was there working as a publicist with my clients, but this year I walked the red carpet for the first time. As I walked towards the red carpet the young lady recognized me and said can I get an escort for Miss Simone. I thought wow God what a journey!

It reminded me the importance of serving, for years I served others before I walked that carpet. So many people in today’s society want to be seen but they miss the opportunity to serve. There is much preparation that comes from serving, much wisdom. So much that you gain in the process to the promise. So I am writing this to encourage others to not neglect the process, you will need it for when you get to the promise.

Im so excited to get back to Los Angeles for our #FearlessConference July 21st! If you don’t have your tickets and would like to attend move quickly as VIP is SOLD OUT. You can get your tickets here at www.fearlessmag.com/conference

Have a beautiful day people!

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