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I am Arian Simone

Oprah Winfrey once said: “What greater adventure is there than to live your dreams”. Arian Simone is a fun, fly, and fabulous entrepreneur, she has been blessed throughout her career and continues to inspire others to be fearless and live your dreams! A proud native of Detroit, MI and to which she credits exposure to many African-American entrepreneurs. She pursued her college education at Florida A&M University while owning and operating her mall-based retail store. Right out of college Arian Simone was laid off from her job and went from living in her apartment to out of her car; she was without a home of her own for almost a year until she was sought out to do Public Relations and Marketing independently. Building a successful PR & Marketing firm from the ground up, she established great relationships in the entertainment industry. She is credited with doing publicity and promotions work on films such as Sparkle, Limitless, Act of Valor, Takers, Quantum of Solace, Hancock, This Christmas, Stomp The Yard, and many more. She is responsible for the event planning of Lil Wayne’s 25th Birthday Bash, Pro Bowl Wide Receiver Braylon Edwards’ Quarter of the Century Celebration, Chris Brown’s MTV Super 18, and countless others. She is also credited with servicing plenty prominent recording artist in the music industry.




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Fearless Podcast with Arian Simone Transparent conversations about real topics affecting Today’s Society and Pop Culture Mission Statement: To foster communication in a safe place for positive transformation. To create an atmosphere where people can speak fear of judgment, that encourages them to be the highest version of themselves. To inspire people to walk in God-given-Given destiny and live on purpose.

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As Fearless Women, it’s so important to be in an environment that pushes you to strive for excellence and empowers you to achieve your dreams. Our founder Arian Simone, had the pleasure of sharing her fearless journey, during the Imara Retreat put on by The Colored Girl, in beautiful Morocco. Her journey to the Imara Retreat was an answered prayer.