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I am Arian Simone

Hello, I am Arian Simone Founder and CEO of Fearless.  I’m an entrepreneur, philanthropist, investor, best-selling author, and international speaker. Upon graduating college, I was laid off from my job and went from living in my apartment, to out of her car. I was without a home for almost a year before I was sought out to do public relations and marketing independently. Building a successful PR and Marketing Firm from the ground up, I established great relationships in the entertainment industry with billion dollar clients such as the Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures and more. Transitioning from working in PR

I founded the Fearless, a lifestyle brand & media company curating content, products, and experiences for people to live their dreams and push past fear. Fearless has three arms, brand, philanthropic, and venture. The  Fearless Fund is a $5MM VC Fund investing in women of color led start-up companies at a per seed, seed, and series A level.  I have a heart for people and believe people should pursue their dreams fearlessly! 




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Join Arian Simone each week for a fearless discussion that is engaging, funny, and transparent. On this podcast we discuss entrepreneurship, faith, self-care + wellness, and culture. The Fearless Podcast with Arian Simone is transformative and inspirational.

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As Fearless Women, it’s so important to be in an environment that pushes you to strive for excellence and empowers you to achieve your dreams. Our founder Arian Simone, had the pleasure of sharing her fearless journey, during the Imara Retreat put on by The Colored Girl, in beautiful Morocco. Her journey to the Imara Retreat was an answered prayer.